Brenton Film

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The Brief

Brenton Film is a blog and community website for silent film enthusiasts, run by Brent Reid. The website features blogs, reviews and interviews written by Brent and other industry figureheads, and a worldwide events calendar which is added to by the silent film community.

We worked with Brent to help him realise his dream site that had been 10 years in consideration. Now live, the site attracts an impressive 4,000+ hits a month, and is gaining upward momentum. We’ve helped Brent with his digital marketing, SEO in particular, to help the site achieve the exposure it deserves.

Services provided

Website development

Brenton Film website events calendar
Brenton Film silent film forum
Brenton Film website development

My website, a very ambitious one, had been years in the planning and at the culmination of that, over the course of 18 months and at great expense, I’d gone through four separate site builders and developers. Each in turn, despite their claims to the contrary, proved woefully inadequate in helping me realise my vision. I was truly beginning to despair of ever finding anyone with the necessary skill set to bring the project to fruition when a chance recommendation brought me into contact with Keen – and everything changed literally overnight. They worked closely with me to bring every aspect of my site (blog, visitor-uploadable events calendar, chat forums and much, much more) into being. They also provided SEO and digital marketing advice that was absolutely second to none. Within four months my site was ranking at the top of page one on Google for all its key search terms, where it has remained ever since.

Brenton Film is now well on the way to becoming an established business and worldwide brand, but even now, without Keen’s watchful gaze and guiding hand, it would be sunk. I really don’t know where I’d find anyone else like them.

Thank you, a thousand times, thank you.

Brent Reid

Owner, Brenton Film