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Mailing Matters - Keen Digital Marketing

Mailing Matters

Manchester-based Mailing House

The Brief

Mailing Matters is a mailing house based in Manchester, that provides direct mail services. They wanted a new brand and website, to represent their business and the people behind it, that would support their ongoing marketing.

Mailing Matters is a family-run business with a serious approach to direct mail, but a fun approach to life. They wanted a brand and website that would make them stand out in their industry, engage with and educate their visitors, and ultimately drive more sales for the business.

Services provided

Website development
Content Strategy
Content Creation
On-page SEO

Mailing Matters' website development
Mailing Matters' responsive website
Mailing Matters' responsive website

What we did

Initially, we got together and asked a lot of questions to find out more about the people behind the company and how they delivered direct mail.  The existing site was really short on content, so we devised a content strategy to ensure all relevant information was covered.

The website was built on the WordPress platform, with special attention made to ensure the design worked across multiple devices.

The result

The finished website carries Mailing Matters’ brand through in both design and content, which pays homage to their Manchester roots, high standards of service, and friendly, humorous personalities.

We’re now discussing a marketing strategy to get the new website in front of Mailing Matters’ target audiences to drive traffic and sales.

From the very first meeting with Lorraine, it became clear that working with Keen was not only going to be a fun process, but more importantly they could deliver exactly what we needed. Lorraine took countless hours researching the ins and outs of our industry even bringing to light some glaringly obviously oversights in our original website and marketing materials which has no doubt cost us work and therefore money in the past. Thankfully after several consultations and yes even dreaded form filling we have arrived at our new sleek and modern website that will undoubtedly carry us forward to bigger and bolder marketing opportunities and allowing us to more easily convert leads in to sales. I can’t recommend Lorraine and Keen highly enough; I would encourage any and all businesses to have just one conversation with Lorraine and would be shocked if you didn’t feel the same way as I did after our first meeting.

John Canning, Jr.

Director, Mailing Matters